Warren (senorwarrenv) wrote in security_issues,


As of yesterday, I recieveda phone call from the Insurance personnel of the young lady in the accident I helped out.I just figured some of you would like to know.

The Insurance investigator advised me that the tractor double trailor has not been found. That is sad.However, she thanked me for being with her client at the time of her accident. She advised me that since no one stopped except me,I was a true gentleman.

One of the officer's also advised her that I did the right thing.I also advised her that I checked her cleint's back to see if there was any back injury and I was First Aide/CPR trained. I advised her that I hoped that her client did not think of anything else. She said that I did do the right thing all the way.

Anyways, I have the knowledge that I did the right thing and being there at the right time.

Also, the next morning, I was driving through Lake Oswego. A small city south of Portland. I was going through the main street.After geoing three miles, a forked horn cut right through my path on the road. I stopped quickly. After that, I stayed motionless for at least a couple of minutes.

WIthin another minute,a Lake Oswego Police officer drove next to me. I gave a "Deer like expression" and he looked at me and just left. I felt stupid! Maybe, I better suggest that they have "deerxing" signs through Country Club Road!
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