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My Night. . .

I was the patrol officer again.

At about 11 pm [2300 hours] I went to Angel's and stood the duty shift while they play ranchero music, drink, and dance.

About 25 minutes into the shift i watch one guy turn around and shower another table with beer. It wasn't a twitch, or an accident either.

I reached over the table and lifted the guy up, grabbing the scruff of the neck. So all of his weight was in the armpits of his t-shirt. When he realized he was being tossed out, it was too late. I had already walked him down the ramp and had him near the front door. He turned around and decided to fight at this point. I kinda chuckled as he put his fists up.

The ownder of the bar scopped him up, and got him a cab as I sat by waiting for the Captain to arrive.

Later, about an hour and a half, I was doing a patrol hit at the condos near Lake and Nicollet. There is a bar across the street and the problems just spill over. I was driving around the lot checking stuff out, and was alongside some people talking. One lady standing outside of a car with two men inside.
As I pulled up, a van entered and made a super lazy turn in front of us, so the car alongside of me was stuck there as this guy talking on his cell phone made the slow turn. The two guys in the car bitched, so I said to the van driver.

"Hang up, and drive. . ."


""Which word didn't you understand?"

"Man you just security. You aint no po-lice."
At this point I peeled out as I whipped a "shitty" and bought the patrol vehicle to spin, and aim right at him.

As I approached on foot, I made the following statement.

"I don't need a fancy title to come fuck with you."

"You better back off, I live here."

"No you don't."

"I got my ID, you wanna see it?"

"Yeah." I called his bluff. Meanwhile he was still on the phone. So he reaches into his back pocket, and pulls out his wallet. Started to flip through it, then puts it away.

"Man, I don't have to show you anything. . ."

"Cuz you are lying."

At that point he stopped, smiled, chuckled and said.

"Man, you is my nigga." As he reached out to shake my hand.

"Cool, take off."

He put the phone back to his ear as he slowly drove out of the lot.
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