Rick Deckard (tufferguy) wrote in security_issues,
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Okay, here's the story. . .

Lady X: what happened with your job?
Chaz: oi
Chaz: I was put back on patrol last night, with a suspended 30 day suspension, and a 90 probation period, was demoted, and am now un-armed until further notice
Chaz: I am going to request a review board, I believe the sentence is too harsh
Lady X: yikes
Chaz: The captain wrote me up for a safety violation with my weapon, but didn't write up anything else, so part of my beef is his lack-luster efforts
Lady X: ah
Chaz: So, I am working patrol un-armed, and there was a shooting about a block away and people reported the shooter running right past our location
Chaz: I think this is a very un-safe sentence
Lady X: sounds it
Chaz: yup
Chaz: so I'll roll the dice see if I can get it lifted, or lightened
Lady X: good idea... can't hurt
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