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Sheesh, Finally. . .

I called Don, my boss to see if he'd cut me a make-up check. Some of my investigative hours were not paid at the full rate. He said he would cut that soon, then he mentioned something else.

"You'll be getting a disciplinary memo soon." He deadpanned.

'Oh great.' I though.

"It's about a uniform issue. . ." He went on to explain. Uniform? I'm the best looking officer he has. "It's because you aren't wearing Corporal stripes."

"I got some of those." I replied.

"Well, put 'em on, and you'll be getting a raise. I need people that show up and do a good job. I think you've proved that." He finished.

"Thank you, but the thing I really want is the check."

"I'll cut the check, don't worry." He said.

I guess this is his way of giving me a promotion.
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