gtsurveillance (gtsurveillance) wrote in security_issues,

CCTV, Small Business, and Loss Prevention


My name is Greg and I work in the CCTV industry at the distributor level.  My brand's focus is upon small business - all of our solutions are designed for small business owners who work on limited budgets but who still want to invest in a system.  A part of this is a simple desire to do some research.

So, I am looking for your experiences.  Do you lose things from your business?  Is this slippage/shoplifting a problem?  Have you considered installing a CCTV system?  Why or why not?  When you think CCTV, what do you think? 

Thank you for your help and I would appreciate it if you encouraged other people you know to answer these questions.  While I will never identify any of you, I plan to incorporate some of these findings into research that I will publish/send along to my clients/post in my blog/my community page.....

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